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- The Debt Clinic is a trading name of O'Brien Insolvency Services Limited and its Registered Office is located at Leader House, Dublin Road, Longford


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Dublin: 01 482 6910 Longford: 043 335 1450 Galway: 091 530 097


- Eugene O'Brien is authorised by the Insolvency Service of Ireland to carry on practice as a personal insolvency practitioner.  

About Personal Insolvency Arrangements

Who is eligible for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement?


Anyone who is living in the Republic of Ireland who has unsecured and secured debt and is insolvent (cannot pay their debts) is eligible to be considered for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement.


How do I start a Personal Insolvency Arrangement and what is involved?


You will need to engage the services of a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP) in order to commence a Personal Insolvency Arrangement. The PIP is an independent person who prepares a suggested plan for the repayment of your debts. The PIP presents this plan on your behalf to your creditors (the people you owe money to) at a meeting.  If your creditors agree you will begin making the scheduled payments to the PIP who will in turn make payments to your creditors.


What debts can be included?


All unsecured debts can be included in a Personal Insolvency Arrangement. There is no limit on the amount of unsecured debt that can be included.  You may also include secured debt such as mortgage debt. There is a limit on secured debt that can be included and that is €3,000,000 unless your creditors agree otherwise.


What are the typical debts included in a Personal Insolvency Arrangement?


Typical debts that may be included are mortgages, investment mortgages, personal loans, credit card balances, credit union loans and overdrafts. In fact all unsecured debts can be included.


Is there any limit on my income or assets?


There are no limits on the income you earn or the assets you own to enter a Personal Insolvency Arrangement. The only requirement is that you are insolvent.

How long does a Personal Insolvency Arrangement last?


A Personal Insolvency Arrangement can last for 6 years and in some exceptional cases 7 years. The arrangement cannot however last longer than 7 years.


What happens at the end of a Personal Insolvency Arrangement?


If you comply with all of the terms of your Personal Insolvency Arrangement you will be released from any remaining unsecured debt balances at the end of the arrangement. You may or may not have some secured debt remaining.


What happens during a Personal Insolvency Arrangement?


During a Personal Insolvency Arrangement you will typically make regular payments to the PIP who will make subsequent payments to your creditors.


Does my name appear on a Register?


Yes, as part of the Personal Insolvency Arrangement process your name will appear on registers of the Insolvency Service of Ireland website.  


Do I get to keep my home?


A Personal Insolvency Arrangement will not normally include you giving up your home. This can only occur if both you and the Personal Insolvency Practitioner agree that your home is excessive and too costly for you to maintain.


Can I keep my car?


If you require your car for work or there is a specific reason that you require your car then you may be able to retain it providing it is not too excessive.


What do I do next?


If you think a Personal Insolvency Arrangement might be right for you, you should talk to one of our experts today. Contact us today on 043 334 8886 or by email on  


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